To what hostname or server should I connect?

To what port should I connect?
The port is 119.

I've paid, but can't log in
It will take several minutes for your payment to be processed. You will receveive an email after the payment has been processed. Alternatively you can check the payment status in your control panel. If your account has not been actived within 30 minutes, please contact support.

How many connections can I use?
You will need 10 connections to achieve the maximum download speed.

My download speed is too low, what can I do?
Budgetnews offers uncapped speeds, however it might be possible that during busy hours your speed may be lower or fluctuating.

My download speed is too low, what's wrong?
Check if you use all 10 available connections. Also reset your Modem and/or PC. Try to (temporarely) disable firewall or anti-virus software that can slow down your downloads. Some ISPs started limiting Usenet download speeds.

I am getting an 'error 480' message, what's wrong?
You need to fill in your username and password in your newsreader.

I am getting an 'error 502' message, what's wrong?
Your username and/or password are not entered correctly. Try to re-enter manually. Using Copy&Paste sometimes extra spaces are added into your username or password.

I am getting an 'host not found' message, what's wrong?
Double check the 'server address' in the properties of your newsreader. The 'server alias' you can choose freely.

I am getting an 'could not connect to server' message', what's wrong?
Your newsreader can not connect to port 119, which is the standard nntp port to connect. Double check your firewall which can block this.
Test with telnet
Another way to check if it's possible to connect to our server is to go to Start then Run and type 'cmd' plus enter, in the black screen type 'telnet 119' plus enter. You should then see '200 NNRP Service Ready - (posting ok)' which means the connection is possible, if it shows 'Could not open connection to the host, on port 119: Connect failed' something is blocking the connection

I am getting an 'connection limit reached' message, what's wrong?
This happens when you have just stopped and immediately started to use your newsreader again. Our servers will think you are still logged on. Wait for 2 minutes and then try to reconnect. Another solution can be to reset your password using your control panel.

I am getting an 'your per-user connection limit reached', what's wrong?
You are using more than 10 connections at the same time: Check your newsreader properties and/or disconnect for 2 minutes and then reconnect.

Do you support 'account sharing'
No, 'account sharing' is not supported by Budgetnews.

Do you support SSL?
No, SSL is not supported (yet) by Budgetnews.

How do I retrieve a lost username or password?
You can reset your password using your control panel. Your password will be emailed to you along with your username.

My PC has crahsed and lost my username and pasword?
You can reset your password using your control panel. Your password will be emailed to you along with your username.

Downloading of headers is slower than binaries?
Downloading of headers is done by only one thread, so you will receive them using 1/10th of the speed.

I only get headers of 10 days ago, what's wrong?
Some groups are so popular that we only can provide the advertised retention if you download posts by using NZB files.